(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Mrs. McGrath Z:Webmaster C:Trad (1807-1814) O:Ireland M:4/4 L:1/4


K:G z2zB | G/2G/2GED | GGAG/2A/2 | B/2B/2B/2B/2 B/2A/2G/2A/2 | w:Oh Miss-us Mc-Grath the Serg-eant said Would you like to make a sold-ier out of BDDDD/2D/2 | ddcc/2c/2 | BBAD | G/2G/2GAG/2A/2 | w:your son Ted? - With a scar-let coat and a big cock'd hat Sure Mis-us Mc-Grath would-nt BddB/2A/2 | GEE2 | D/2E/2D/2B,/2Dz | GGAd | BGGz || w:you like that? With your too-ri-ay Fol-the-did-dle day Too-ri-yoo-ri-too-ri-ay % W:Oh Mrs. McGrath! the sergeant said, W:"Would you like to make a soldier of your son, Ted, W:With a scarlet coat and a big cocked hat? W:Now Mrs. McGrath, wouldn't you like that?" W:(ch) W:With your too-ria-aa, fol-the-did-dle-sa, Too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa W:. W:So Mrs. McGrath lived on the seashore, W:For the space of seven long years or more, W:Till she saw a big ship sailing into the bay, W:Here's my son, Ted, wisha clear the way. W:. W:"Oh, Captain dear, tell me where have you been? W:Have you been on the Mediterr-aa-i-een? W:And have you any news of my son, Ted, W:Is the poor boy living or is he dead? " W:. W:Then up comes Ted, without any legs, W:And in their place he has two wooden pegs, W:She kissed him a dozen times or two, W:Saying "Glory be to heaven, lor it can't be you". W:. W:"Oh were you drunk or were you blind, W:That you left your two fine legs behind. W:Or was it walking on the sea, W:Wore your two fine legs from their knees away?" W:. W:"Oh, I wasn't drunk and I wasn't blind, W:When I left me two legs behind. W:For a cannon-ball on the fifth of May, W:Shot me two fine legs from me knee away. " W:. W:Oh then, Teddy, me boy, the widow cried, W:"Yer two fine legs were yer mammy's pride, W:Them two wooden stumps won't do at all, W:Why didn't yer run away from the big cannon-ball?" W:. W:All foreign wars I do proclaim W:Between Don John and the King of Spain, W:And by heavens I'll make them rue the time W:That they swept the legs from a child of mine. W:. W:Oh, then if I had you back again W:I'd ne'er let you go to fight the King of Spain. W:For I'd rather my Ted as he used to be, W:Than the King of France and his whole navee % % % % % % % % % %]


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