(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:News From Hollands Leager Z:Webmaster C:Trad % K: W:1 W:You that desire news, list' to my story W:Some it will cause to muse, some will be sorry; W:From many quarters have gallants resorted, W:Of Holland's Leager the fame heard reported. W: W:(chorus) W:Yes it is certain, in truth it is spoken W:That Holland's Leager up lately is broken. W: W:2 W:The flaunting Spaniard and boon Cavillera W:The bragging Dutchman, though't cost him a'dear-a; W:Walloun and Switzer, both Jews,Turks and Neager, W:Scots, Danes and French have been at Holland's Leager. W: W:3 W:Though many sought to invade the strong island, W:And stratagems devised by sea and land, W:Bulwarks and batteries and other fences, W:Daily maintained the island's expenses. W: W:4 W:Blow for blow, shot for shot, still they returned; W:But sliding cowards she ever disdained; W:Those that gave onset, they put her so valiant, W:She durst in battle join with any gallant. W: W:5 W:But since the Leager broke, there's a new order W:For those that used to frequent-a this border; W:That none shall thither come to work a violence, W:Great and small, high and low, all must keep silence. W: W:6 W:Yet youngsters, arm yourselves, here comes new anthem; W:They have a refuge found that can defend them; W:Drums, pikes and musketeers there doth attend you, W:Fit for this company, gold and rich treasure. W: W:7 W:So, bravely march away, gallants in clusters, W:Arrive at Bewdley where they keep their musters; W:Though certain horses were left, be not daunted, W:All for your pleasure's there, as Holland vaunted. W: W:8 W:So, If my news in this song may content you, W:Buy it and try it and never repent you; W:For recreation, in love, I have penned it, W:Trusting no creature I have here offended. % % % % % % % % % %]


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