(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Red Iron Ore Z:Webmaster C:Trad O:U.S. M:6/8 L:1/4


K:C z2 z/2 (A,/4A,/4) | A,/2E/2E/2 E/2D/2E/2 | C/2D/2C/2 B, (B,/4B,/4) | C/2B,/2C/2 D/2C/2D/2 | w:Com e- all ye young fel-lers where ev-er ye be Come - sit down be-side me and E/2C/2D/2 E (E/4E/4) | E/2D/2E/2 A/2A/2A/2 | G/2A/2G/2 D E/4E/4 | w:list-en to me I'll - tell you the truth with-out a-ny mis-take 'bout the A/2E/2E/2 E/2D/2E/2 | C/2D/2C/2 B,/2C/2B,/2 | A,3/2E3/2 | B,/2C/2B,/2 A, z/2 || w:rac-kets we had round the Blue Moun-tain Lake. Der-ry down down down der-ry down. % W:1 W:Come all ye bold sailors that follow the lakes, W:On an iron ore vessel your living to make, W:I shipped in Chicago, bid adieu to the shore W:Bound away to Escanaba for that red iron ore. W: W:ch W:Derry down, down, down derry down. W: W:2 W:In the month of September on the seventeenth day, W:Two dollars and a quarter was all they would pay, W:And on Monday morning a trip we did take, W:On a ship named the Roberts sailing out in the lake. W: W:3 W:The packet she howled across the mouth of Green Bay, W:And before her cut water she threw the white spray, W:She rounded out San Point and her anchor let go, W:We furled in the canvas and the watch went below. W: W:4 W:Next morning we hove alongside the Exile, W:We soon made her fast to that iron ore pile, W:They lowered the shutes which soon started to roar, W:They're fillin' the ship with that red iron ore. W: W:5 W:Some sailors took shovels and others took spades, W:And some took to sluicing, each man to his trade, W:We looked like red devils, our backs they got sore, W:We cursed Escanaba and that red iron ore. W: W:6 W:The dust got so thick you could scarce see your nose, W:It got in your eyes and it got in your clothes, W:We loaded the Roberts till she couldn't hold more, W:Right up to the gunnels with that red iron ore. W: W:7 W:We sailed her to Cleveland, made fast stem and stern, W:And with our companions we'll spin a big yarn, W:Here's a health to the Roberts, she's strong and she's true, W:Here's a health to the bold boys who make up her crew. % % % % % % % % % %]


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