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K:D E3/2F/ |G2 F2 E2|B4 E-D|E2 G2 FD| B,4 EF| w:It's a rose-bud in June And the vio-lets in full bloom. And the G2- F2 E2|d2 B2 A-G|A3B c-A| w:small - birds are sing-ing Love songs on each - B4 B-c| d2 B2 e2|d-c B2 E-F|G2 F2 B2| w:spray We'll - pipe and we'll sing - love We'll - dance in a G-F E2 EF| G2 F2 E2|B4 E-D|E2 G2 F-D| w:ring - love When each lad takes his lass All - on the green B,4 GA| B3-A- G-A-|B4 E2|E2- D2 EF| w:grass And it's oh - to - plough Where the - fat - G2 F2 E2|E2 B,2 GA| B2 A2 G2|B-c d2 B-A| w:ox-en graze low And the - lads and the las - ses Do G2 F2 G2|E4 || w:sheep shear-ing go % W:1 W:It's a rosebud in June W:And the violets in full bloom W:And the small birds are singing W:Love songs on each spray W: W:(chorus) W:We'll pipe and we'll sing love W:We'll dance in a ring love W:When each lad takes his lass W:All on the green grass W:And it's oh to plough W:Where the fat oxen graze low W:And the lads and the lasses W:Do sheep shearing go W: W:2 W:When we have all sheared W:Our jolly, jolly sheep W:What joy can be greater W:Than to talk of their increase W: W:3 W:Their flesh it is good W:It's the best of all food W:And their wool it will cloth us W:And keep our backs from the cold W: W:4 W:Here's the ewes and the lambs W:Here's the hogs and the rams W:And the fat wethers too W:They will make a fine show % % % % % % % % % %]


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