(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Ship In Distress Z:Webmaster C:Trad M:5/4 %Meter L:1/8 % K:D A2 |D2 C2 (D2E2) F2 |G2 F2 E2 F2 G2 |A2 d2 =c2 A3 G | w:You sea-men bold_ that plough the o-cean, What dan-gers lands-men do F2 E2 D4 A2 |D2 C2 D2 E2 F2 |G2 F2 E2 F2 G2 |A2 d2 A3 G F2 | w:ne-ver know The suns gangs down over old Eng-lands nat-ion; No tongue_ can tell what E2 E2 D4 D2 |A2 B2 =c4 AA | [M:3/2] [L:1/8] =c2 d2 (cB) A2 z2 d2 | w:you go through. Through bit-ter storms in the height of bat-_tle, Now M:5/4 L:1/8 =c2 B2 (A3G) F2 | G2 A2 E4 A2 |D2 (C2D2) E2 F2| G2 F2 w:mark you well_ what I do say Where thund-' ring can-nons loud-ly E2 F2 G2 |A2 d2 (A3G) F2 | E2 E2 D4 |] w:rat-tle There's no back door_ to run a-way % W:1 W:You seamen bold who plough the ocean W:See dangers landsmen never know. W:'Tis not for honour or promotion; W:No tongue can tell what they undergo. W:In the blusterous wind and the great dark water W:Our ship went drifting on the sea, W:Her rigging gone, and her rudder broken, W:Which brought us to extremity. W: W:2 W:For fourteen days, heartsore and hungry, W:Seeing but wild water and bitter sky, W:Poor fellows all stood in a totter, W:A-casting lots as to who should die. W:Their lot it fell on Robert Jackson, W:Whose family was so great. W:"I'm free to die, but oh, me comrades, W:Let me keep look-out till the break of day." W: W:3 W:A full dressed ship like the sun a-glittering W:Came bearing down to their relief. W:As soon as this glad news was shouted, W:It banished all their care and grief. W:Our ship brought to, no longer drifting, W:Safe in Saint Vincent, Cap Verde, she lay. W:You seamen all, who hear my story, W:Pray you'll ne'er suffer the like again. % % % % % % % % % %]


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