(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Sing We Now Merrily Z:Webmaster C:Thomas Ravenscroft R:Round H:published 1609 in Pammelia, No. 100. N:A round or catch for 10 or 11 voices. M:C L:1/4


V:1 clef=treble name=1 V:2 clef=treble name=2 V:3 clef=treble name=3 V:4 clef=treble name=4 V:5 clef=treble name=5 V:6 clef=treble name=6 V:7 clef=treble name=7 V:8 clef=treble name=8 V:9 clef=treble name=9 V:10 clef=treble name=10 score [ (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ] K:A V:1 A2 A A | G3/2 F/2 E G :| w:Sing we now mer-ri-ly now V:2 F2 C D | E2 E E :| w:pur-ses are emp-ty hey V:3 A,4 | z2 E2 :| w:ho! Let V:4 F G A E | G3/2 A/2 B G :| w:them take care that list to spare for V:5 A B c c | B4 :| w:I will not do so V:6 z2 A A | e3 c :| w:Who can sing so V:7 f f/2 f/2 e2 | z e e e :| w:mer-ry a nota as he that V:8 d c B A | B2 B2 :| w:can-not change a groat Hey V:9 A2 (E2 | E) F G E :| w:ho! trol - ley lol-ley V:10 A A, E E | E4 :| % W: w:lo. hey trol-ley lo W:Sing we now merrily, W:Our purses be empty, W:Hey ho! Let him take care W:That lists to spare W:For I will not do so: W:Who can sing so merry a note W:As he that cannot change a groat! W:Hey ho! Trollie lollie, trollie lollie lo! % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Thomas Ravenscroft

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