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K:G z z D/2D/2 | G3/2 F/2 A/2G/2 | G F D/2D/2 | c3/2 A/2 d/2A/2 | B2 G/2G/2 w:From be-yond the rock-y is-land, skim-ming o’er the boi-ling wave, Sten-ka e3/2 d/2 c/2e/2 | d B D/2D/2 | B3/2 A/2 c/2F/2 | G2 z || w:Ra-sin’s migh-ty Coss-acks steer their gil-ded skiff so brave % W: W:From beyond the rocky island, skimming o’er the boiling wave, W:Stenka Rasin’s mighty Cossacks steer their gilded skiff so brave. W: W:In the stern sits Stenka Rasin, with his Princess by his side, W:Newly joined in joyful marriage, drunk in honour of his bride. W: W:She sits steeped in sad reflection, neither quick she seems, nor dead, W:While the Cossack’s drunken speeches roll unheeded o’er her head. W: W:From behind them rises murmuring, “For a girl he’s left our clan; W:After scarce a night of marriage, he has ceased to be a man.” W: W:But this mockery and murmuring reach the haughty Cossack’s ears, W:He takes hold his Persian princess, heeding neither prayers nor tears. W: W:Flows the hot blood to his temples, and with hot tears fill his eyes, W:His black brows are bound in anger; Leaping to his feet, he cries, W: W:“Volga, Volga, thou life giver, no gift has thou had from me, W:Volga, mighty Russian river, this fair princess give I thee. W: W:And, in order that there may be no strife ‘mid my people free, W:Volga, Volga, Mother River, take this beauty now from me!” W: W:Fearful Cossacks freeze in wonder; ne’er a hand is raised to save; W:He takes hold his Persian princess, throws her in the foaming wave. W: W:“Why are you cast down, my comrades? Sing my friends, and jest, my fool. W:Let us eat drink and make merry to the mem’ry of her soul. W: W:From beyond the rocky island to the running river wave, W:Glides the gilded Cossack galley of Stenka Rasin, the Brave. % % % % % % % % % %]


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C17th Russian folk song, Stepan (Stenka) Rasin died 1671.
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