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M:none L:1/8 K:F "1"f2 e d2 e|f2 f edc|"2"A2 A B2 G|A3 z2 z| w:Su-mer is i-cu-men in,__ Lhu-de sing Cuc-cu! "3"F2 A G2 B|A2 A G2 F|"4"A2 c d2 d|c3 z2 z| w:Grow-eth sed, and blow-eth med, and spring-eth w-de nu. f3 d3|f3 z2 z|c2 A B2 G|A2 c B2 A| w:Sing Cuc-cu! Aw-e blet-eth aft-er lombe, Lhouth F2 A G2 E|F3 z2 z|A2 A G2 B|c2 c d2 e| w:aft-er cal-ve cu; Bul-luc stert-eth, buck-e vert-eth f2 e d2 e|f3 z2 z|c3 d3|c3 B2A| w:Mur-ie sing Cuc-cu, Cuc-cu, Cuc-cu!_ F2 A B2 G|A3 B2 c|A2 c G2 E|F3 z2 z:| w:Wel sing-es thu Cuc-cu, Ne swik thu nev-er nu. P:Ground "5"F,3G,3|F,3G,2A,|"6"C3B,3|C3 z2 z:| w:Sing Cuc-cu, nu sing Cuc-cu. W: W:Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing Cuccu! W:Groweth sed, and bloweth med, and springeth wde nu. W:Sing Cuccu! W:Awe bleteth after lombe, W:Lhouth after calve cu; W:Bulluc sterteth, bucke verteth W:Murie sing Cuccu, Cuccu, Cuccu! W:Wel singes thu Cuccu, W:Ne swik thu never nu. % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song Notes

The song is the oldest known musical round with English words.

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