(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 C:Glyn Hughes T:The Ballad of Old Seth Davey T:Whiskey On A Sunday O:England Liverpool N:Historic Song N:Seth Davy was a popular street entertainer during the 1890s in Liverpool. N:He was originally a sailor from Jamaica but Seth Davy became a fixed character on the N:streets of Liverpool where he entertained people, and especially young children, N:with his three dancing dolls which he made himself. The famous dancing dolls were N:attached to the end of a plank which Seth Davy would tap with his hand to make N:them dance while he crooned his minstrel songs. N:Bevington Bush - Bevington Bush Hotel N:Pivi - Pavillion Theatre N:Jowler bin - Liverpool slang for a rubbish bin. N:Scotty Road - Scotland Road N:Folk N:Work Z:Webmaster M:3/4 R:waltz L:1/8 K:C G2| "C"G2 g3f|e2 d2 c2| "Dm"d3e d2| A4 c2| w:He sat on the corner of the Bev-ing-ton Bush As- "G7"B3B B2| B2 c2 d2| "C"G6-|G4 G2| w:tride of an old pack-ing ca-se His G2 g3f|e2 d2 c2| "Dm"d2 e3d|A4 c2| w:three danc-ing dolls on the plank were danc-ing As "G7"B2 B3B|B2 c2 d2| "C"c6-|c6| w:he crooned with a smile on his face %Chorus "A7"z6|e4 f2| "D7"e2 d4-|d6| w:Come day, go day "G7"G2 d3d|d2 e2 d2| "C"d2 c4-|c8| w:Wish-ing me heart it's Sun-day e3e|e2 f2 e2| "D7"d4 c2| A4 A2| w:Drink-ing but-ter-milk all the week, "G7"G4 d2| e4 d2| "C"d2 c4-|c6|] w:Whis-key on a Sun-day % W:1. W:He sat on the corner of the Bevington Bush W:Astride of an old packing case W:His three dancing dolls on the plank were dancing W:As he crooned with a smile on his face W:. W:chorus. W:Come day, go day W:Wishing me heart it's Sunday W:Drinking buttermilk all the week, W:Whiskey on a Sunday W:. W:2. W:His tired old hands drummed a wooden beat W:And the puppet dolls they danced the gear W:A better show than you'd ever seen W:At the 'Pivi' on New Brighton Pier W:. W:3. W:In nineteen o four old Seth Davy died W:His song could be heard no more W:The three dancing dolls in a jowler bin ended W:And his plank went to mend a back door. W:. W:4. W:On some stormy night down Scotty Road way W:When the wind's blowin up from the sea W:You can still hear the songs of old Seth Davy W:As he sings to his dancing dolls three % % % % % % % % %]


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