(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Bold English Navvy Z:Webmaster C:Trad M:3/4 L:1/4 K:F z2 F3/4 G/4| A G A| F D3/2 C/2| D/2 F3/2 G| F2 C| w:I’m a bold Eng-lish nav-vy that works on the line An' F A c| d c3/2 d/2|c/2 A3/2 F| G2 C/2C/2| w:the best place I met wis New-castle-on-Tyne I wis F A c| d c3/2 d/2| c/2 A3/2 F| G2 c/2G/2| w:tired, sick and wea-ry while wor-king all day To a A3/2 G/2A/2 G/2| F/2 D3/2 C| D F3/2 G/2| F2 z| w:cot down on the hill-side I’m mak-in’ my way % W: W:1 W:I’m a bold English navvy that works on the line W:An’ the best place I met wis Newcastle-on-Tyne W:I wis tired, sick and weary while working all day W:To a cot down on the hillside I’m makin’ my way W: W:2 W:I firsta had a wash and then had a shave W:For courting my true love I was highly prepared W:The moon in the skies, and the stars, they shone down W:And I hit for the road wi’ my navvy boots on W: W:3 W:I knocked on my love’s window, my knock she did know W:And out of her slumbers she woked so slow W:I knocked her again and she says: “Is that you, John?” W:“Yes, indeed, it is me with my navvy boots on” W: W:4 W:She opened the door and then let me in W:It was to her bedroom she called me then W:Well the night being warm and the blankets rolled down W:So I jumped into bed with my navvy boots on W: W:5 W:Early next morning at the break of the day W:I says to my true love: “It’s time to go away” W:“Sleep down, sleep down, for you know you’ve done wrong W:For to sleep here all night with your navvy boots on” W: W:6 W:Six months being over and seven months being past W:This pretty fair maid she grew stout round the waist W:Seven months being over and nine come along W:And he hands me a young son with his navvy boots on W: W:7 W:Come all you pretty fair maids take heed what I’ve said W:Never let a navvy come into your bed W:For when he gets warm he’ll take a leap on W:And he’ll jump on your bones with his navvy boots on % % % % % % % % %]


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