(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Calton Weaver Z:Webmaster C:Trad O:Scotland M:C L:1/4 K:G

  "G"G G/A/ "Em"B G/G/ | "C"A G "D7"E D | "G"G G/A/ "Bm"B d/d/ |

w:I am a weav-er, a cal-ton weav-er. I am a rash and a

  "C"e e "D7"d2 | "C"e e "Em"d B | "C"(c/B/) (A/G/) "D7"F D |

w:rov-ing blade. I've got sil-ver in_ my_ pock-ets.

  "G"G G/A/ "Em"B G/B/ | "C"A G ("D7"E D) ||

w:I'll go and fol-low the rov-ing trade._

  "G"G>A "Em"B G | "C"A G "D7"E D | "Em"G>A "Bm"B d | "C"B A "D7"G2 |]

w:Whisk-y, whisk-y, Nan-cy whisk-y. Whisk-y, whisk-y, Nan-cy, oh. % W:1 W:As I cam in by Glasgow city, W:Nancy Whiskey I chanced to smell. W:I gaed in, sat doon beside her. W:Seven lang years I lo'ed her well. W: W:ch W:Whisky, whisky, Nancy Whisky. W:Whisky, whisky, Nancy, oh. W: W:2 W:The mair I kissed her, the mair I lo'ed her. W:The mair I kissed her, the mair she smiled, W:An' I forgot my mither's teaching W:Nancy soon had me beguiled. W: W:3 W:I woke early in the morning. W:To slake my drouth it was my need. W:I tried to rise but I wasna able. W:Nancy had me by the heid. W: W:4 W:"Come, landlady what's the lawin? W:Tell me whit there is to pay." W:"Fifteen shillings is the reckoning. W:Pay me quickly and go away." W: W:5 W:I'll gang back to the calton weaving. W:I'll surely make the shuttles fly. W:I'll make mair at the Calton weaving, W:Than ever I did in a roving way. W: W:6 W:Come all ye weavers, calton weavers, W:All ye weavers where'er ye be, W:Beware of whisky, Nancy Whisky. W:She'll ruin you as she ruined me. % % % % % % % % %]


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