(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Coasts Of High Barbary C:Trad M:6/8 L:1/4


K:G B, B,/2 | E3/2 E F/2 | G3/2 F D/2 | E G/2 F D/2 | E3/2 z A/2 | w:Look a-head, look a-starn, look the wea-ther and the lee Blow (B3/2 B) G/2 | (A3/2 A) F/2 | (E F/2) G A/2 | (B3/2 B) B/2 | w:high - Blow low - and so - sail-ed we - I B B/2 B G/2 | A A/2 (A/2G/2) F/2 | G A/2 B E/2 | D3/2 z D/2 | w:see a wreck to wind-ward and - a lofty ship to lee. A- E E/2 E E/2 | E F/2 G A/2 | B3/2 E E/2 | E z/2 || w:sail-ing down all on the coasts of High Bar-ba-ry % W: W:1 W:Look ahead look astern look the weather and the lee W:ch: Blow high Blow low and so saile we. W:I see a wreck to windward ans a lofty ship to lee. W:ch: A sailing down all on the coasts of High Barbary. W: W:2 W:Then hail her, our captain. He called o'er the side. W:O are you a pirate or man-o-war he cried W: W:3 W:O are you a pirate or man-o-war cried we W:Oh no I'm not a pirate but a man-o-war cried he. W: W:4 W:Then back up your top sails and heave your vessel to. W:For we have got some letters to be carried home by you. W: W:5 W:We'll back up our top sails and heave our vessel to W:But only in some harbour and along the side of you. W: W:6 W:For broadside for broadside they fought along the main W:Until at last the frigate blew the pirates mast away. W: W:7 W:For quarters for quarters, the saucy pirate cried W:The quarters that we showed them was to sink them in the tide. W: W:8 W:With cutlas and gun O we fought for hours three W:The shipit was their coffin and the grave it was the sea. W: W:9 W:But O it was a cruel site and griev-ed us full sore W:To see them all a drowning as they tried to swim to shore.


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