(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Drowned Lover C:Trad M:3/4 L:1/4



p!(A/2G/2) | G D (3(E/2F/2) G/2 | (A/2=B/2) c (A/2G/2) | A2 G | D2 !<(!(3(A/2=B/2c/2)!)<! |

w:As - I was a - ~ walk - ing down ~ in Stokes Bay, I d c (d/2 c/2) | (A3/4G/4) A (3(A/2B/2) c/2 | d c (=B/2G/2) | A2 !mf! A | w:met a drown-ed sai - lor on - the beach as he - lay. And d c (d/2c/2) | (A/2=B/2) c !<(!(3(A/2B/2c/2)!<)! | d !>(!c!>)! (A/2 G/2) | A2 (A/2 G/2) | w:as I drew - nigh - him it - - put me to a stand. When I G D (F/2 G/2) | (!<(!A/2!<)! =B/2) !>(!c!>)! (3((A/2G/2) F/2) | G D E | D2 z || w:knew it was my own true love by - the mark on his hand. W: W:1 W:I was a walking down in Stokes Bay W:I met a drowned sailor on the beach as he lay. W:And as I drew nigh him it put me to a stand W:WShen I knew it was my true love by the mark on his hand. W: W:2 W:As he was a sailing from his own dear shore W:Where the waves and the billowsso loudly do roar. W:I said to my true love, I shall see you no more W:So farewell my dearest, you're the lad I adore. W: W:3 W:She put her arms around him saying, O my dear! W:She wep't and she kissed him ten thousand times o'er W:O I am contented to lie by thy side W:And in a few moments, this lover she died. W: W:4 W:And all in the churchyard these two were laid W:And a stone for rememberance was laid on her grave. W:My joys are all ended my pleasures are fled. W:This grave that I lie in is my new married bed.


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