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K:C z3/2 z G/2 | c G/2 E3/4F/4G/2 | c G/2 E3/4F/4G/2 | A3/4G/4F/2 E3/4D/4C/2 | (D3/2 D) G/2 | A/2F/2G/2 AG/2 | F3/4E/4F/2 G G/2 | A3/4B/4c/2 B3/4c/4d/2 | (c3/2 c) z/2 || % W: W:1 W:The hunt is up, the hunt is up, And it is well nigh day; W:And Harry our king is gone hunting, To bring his deere to bay. W:The east is bright with morning light, And darkness it is fled; W:And the merrie horne wakes up the morne To leave his idle bed. W: W:2 W:Behold the skies with golden dyes Are glowing all around; W:The grasse is greene, and so are the treen, All laughing at the sound. W:The horses snort to join the sport, The dogges are running free W:The woddes rejoice at all the noise Of hey tantara tee ree! W: W:3 W:The sunne is glad to see us clad All in our lustie greene, W:And smiles in th’ sky as he riseth hye To see and to be seene. W:Awake, all men, I say agen, be merrie as you maye, W:For Harry our king has gone hunting, to bring his deere to bay

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