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K:C F | G3/2 G2 A | F2 F2 (G F) | (E D C2) (E F) | D2 C2 ^A,2 C2 | w:When I was a tai-lor I - carr-i-ed my - bodk-in and shears z G,2 | C2 E3/2 G | c2 c2 (c d) (e2 | c2) c2 ^A2 | G2 F F F3 w:When I was a wea-ver I - carr-ied my roods and my gear. z G, | E2 G2 c c2 | (c d) e c2 c A3/2 | G2 F F3 w:My tem-ples al-so, my - small clothes and reed in my hand, z E | F G2 G3/2 | A2 F4 | (G F) E D | C2 (E F) | D2 C2 ^A,2 C2 || w:And wher-ev-er I go, "Here's - the jo-lly bold - wea-ver again." % W: W:When I was a tailor I carried my bodkin and shears; W:When I was a weaver I carried my roods and my gear. W:My temples also, my small clothes and reed in my hand, W:And wherever I go, "Here's the jolly bold weaver again."


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