(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Knight And The Shepherds Daughter C:Trad M:4/4 L:1/4


K:G P:verse D | G B A G | F E D A | w:It's of a pret-ty shep-her-dess Kept B3/2A/2 B B | d3 d | w:sheep all on the plain Who A A d (c/2B/2) | A A c (B/2A/2) | w:should ride by but - Knight Will-iam And- G B A G | [M:2/4] F2 | w:he was drunk with wine P:chorus [M:4/4] G2 D3/2 D/2 | D/2 E/2 F/2 D/2 G2 || w:Line twine the wil-low and the dee. W: W:1 W:It's of a pretty shepherdess W:Kept sheep all on the plain W:Who should ride by but Knight William W:And he was drunk with wine W: W:ch W:Line twine the willow and the dee W: W:2 W:You've stolen all my heart young sir W:Yourself you are to blame W:So if your vows are made in truth W:Pray tell to me your name W: W:3 W:O some do call me Jack, he said W:And some do call me John W:But when I'm in the fair King's court W:My name is Sweet William W: W:4 W:He mounted on his milk white steed W:Ans away then he did ride W:She tied a handkerchief round her waist W:And rode by the horses side. W: W:5 W:She rode til she came to the rivers side W:She fell on her belly and swam W:And when she came to the other side W:She took to her heels and ran. W: W:6 W:She ran til she came to the Kings fair court W:She pull-ed at the ring W:There was none so ready as the King himself W:To let this fair maid in. W: W:7 W:Good morning to you, my pretty maid W:Good morning sir, said she W:You have a knight all in your court W:This day has a-robbed me. W: W:8 W:O has he robbed you of your gold W:Or has he robbed your fee? W:Or has he robbed you of the rarest brach W:That grows in your body. W: W:9 W:He has not robbed me of my gold W:Nor any of my fee W:But he has robbed me of the rarest brach W:That grows in my body. W: W:10 W:Here's twenty pounds for you, he said W:All wrap-ped in a glove W:And twenty pounds for you, he said W:To seek some other love. W: W:11 W:I will not have your twenty pounds W:Nor any of your fee W:But I will have the the King's fair kn ight W:This day to marry me W: W:12 W:The King called up his merry men all W:By one, by two, by three W:Young William once the foremost was W:But now behind came he. W: W:13 W:Accurs-ed be that very hour W:That I got drunk by wine W:To have the farmer's daughter here W:To be a true love of mine W: W:14 W:If I a farmer's daughter Am W:Pray leave me all alone W:If you make me a lady of a thousand lands W:I can make thee a lord of ten. W: W:15 W:The dog shall eat the flour you sowed W:And thou shall eat the bran W:I'll make thee rue the day and hour W:That ever thou wast born. W: W:16 W:He mounted on his milk-white steed W:And she on her pony grey W:He threw the bugle round his neck W:And together they rode away. W: W:17 W:The very next town that they came to W:The wedding bells did ring W:And the very next church that they came to W:There was a gay wedding.


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