(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Outlandish Knight C:Trad M:6/8 L:1/4


K:F d/2 | A/2 A/2 =B/2 c E/2 | (G/2 F/2) E/2 D G/2 | w:An out-land-ish knight came from the north lands And A c/2 (d/2 c/2) d/2 | (A3/2 A) G/2 | w:he came woo-ing to me - He A/2 =B/2 c/2 d/2 e/2 d/2 | (c/2G/2) E/2 F G/2 | w:said he would take me to for - eign lands And (A/2 c/2) =B/2 (A/2G/2) C/2 | D3/2 z || w:there he would mar - ry me. % W: W:1 W:An outlandish knight came from the north lands W:And he came woowing to me. W:He said he woulkd take me to foreign lands W:And there he would marry me. W: W:2 W:Go fetch me some of your father's gold W:And some of your mother's fee W:And two of the best nags from out of the stable W:Where there stands thirty and three. W: W:3 W:She mounted up on her milk white steed W:And he on his dapple grey. W:They rode until they came to the sea side W:Three hours before it was day. W: W:4 W:Light off, light off thy milk white steed W:Deliver it up unto me. W:For six pretty maidens I have drowned here W:And thou the seventh shall be. W: W:5 W:Doff off, doff off thy silken things W:Deliver them up unto me. W:I think they look too rich and gat W:To rot all in the salt sea. W: W:6 W:If I must doff off my silken things W:Pray turn thy back unto me. W:For it is not fitting that such a ruffian W:A naked woman should see. W: W:7 W:And cut thou, away the brimbles so sharp W:The brimbles from off the brim. W:That they might not tangle my curly locks W:No scratch my lily white skin. W: W:8 W:He turned around his back to her W:And bent down over the brim. W:She caught him round the middle so small W:And bundled him into the stream. W: W:9 W:He dropped high, he dropped low, W:Until he came to the side. W:Catch hold of my hand my fair pretty maid W:And thee I will make my bride. W: W:10 W:Lie there, lie there you false hearted man W:Lie there instead of me. W:For six pretty maidens thou hast drowned here W:The seventh hath drownéd thee. W: W:11 W:She mounted on her milk white steed W:And led the dapple grey. W:She rode til she came to her father's house W:Three hours before it was day. W: W:12 W:The parrot hung in the window so high W:And hedard what the lady did say. W:What ails thee, what ails thee my pretty lady W:You've tarried so long away. W: W:13 W:The king he was up in his bedroom so high W:And heard what the parrot did say. W:What ails thee, what ails thee my pretty Polly W:You prattle so long before day? W: W:14 W:It's no laughing matter the parrot did say W:That loudly I call unto thee. W:For a-cat has got in the window so high W:I fear that she will have me. W: W:15 W:Well turned, well turned my pretty Polly W:Well turned, well turned for me. W:Thy cage shall be made of the glittering gold W:And the door of the best ivory.


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