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K:Am "Am"(ED)| C2 A,2 A,2 (G,A,)|C2 C2 "G"D2 (CD)|E2"Am"E2 (ED) (CD)|E2 G,2"G"G,2 (ED)|! w:Of* all the mo-ney that e'er I spent. I-'ve spent it in* good* com-pa-ny. And E2 A,2"Am"A,2 (G,A,)|C2 C2 "G"D2 (CD)|E2"Am"A2 "G"(GE) (DE)|"Am"C2 A,2 A,2 E2|! w:all the harm that* ever I did. A-*las it was* to* none but me. And "C"(GE) (GA) G2 E2|(GE) (GA) G2 E2|"Dm"F2 E2 (ED) (CD)|"C"E2 G,2 G,2 (ED)|! w:all* I-'ve done for want-* of-* wit. To mem-o-ry* now I can't re-call. So "Am"C2 A,2 A,2 (G,A,)| C2 C2 "G"D2 (CD)| "Am"E2 A2 "G"(GE) (DE)|"Am"C2 A,2 A,2 || w:fill to me the-* par-ting glass. Good* night and joy-* be-* with you all. % W:If I had money enough to spend W:And leisure to sit awhile W:There is a fair maid in the town W:That sorely has my heart beguiled W:Her rosy cheeks and ruby lips W:I own she has my heart enthralled W:So fill to me the parting glass W:Good night and joy be with you all W: W:Oh, all the comrades that e'er I had W:They're sorry for my going away W:And all the sweethearts that e'er I had W:They'd wish me one more day to stay W:But since it falls unto my lot W:That I should rise and you should not W:I'll gently rise and softly call W:Good night and joy be with you all % % % % % % % % % %]


Further Information About The Parting Glass

Song Notes

This is a very traditional Irish song for singing at the end of an N:evening, a gathering or an event. Probably the only song more common as a wrap-up is the Soldier's Song, the national anthem of Ireland.

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