(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Rawtenstall Annual Fair Z:Webmaster C:Robert Patrick Weston C:Bert Lee M:C L:1/4


K:F F3/4G/4 A3/4F/4 G D | F3/4G/4 A3/4F/4 G2 | F3/4G/4 A3/4F/4 G3/4E/4 D3/4C/4 | F4 | w:Down be-hind the gas-works down in Raw-ten-stall tht's a lit-tle town in Lanc-a-shire G (3 G/2G/2G/2 G2 | G G3/4G/4 G2 | G G G3/4E/4 G3/4F/4 | E D C G3/4A/4 | w:Last sat-ur-day night me and the lads eeh bah gum he 'ad some right good cheer there was F F F F | F3/4G/4 A3/4F/4 G C | F/4F3/4 F3/4D/4 E F | G4 | w:ice-cream switch-backs co-co-nuts and wax-works fig-ure eoghts and round-a-bouts G3/4G/4 G3/4G/4 G3/4A/4 G3/4F/4 | E3/4F/4 E3/4D/4 C A | F F F F | w:Weren't we all de-light-ed when we heard the show-man shout, so roll up roll up F3/4G/4 A3/4F/4 G C | F3/4F/4 F3/4F/4 F3/4F/4 F3/4F/4 | F3/4D/4 E3/4F/4 G2 | w:come and see the fat girl for-ty stone of love-li-ness and ev-'ry bit her own G3/4G/4 G3/4G/4 G/4(G3/4 G3/4)G/4 | G3/4G/4 G3/4G/4 G3/2 G/2 | G3/4G/4 (3 G/2G/2G/2 G3/4A/4 G3/4F/4 | w:Ee she were a big 'un, - Wi't ac-cent on the big, and all the fel-las wi' wal-king sticks kept E3/4F/4 E3/4D/4 C3/4A/4 G3/4A/4 | F F D/2 C F/2 | F/4F3/4 F3/4F/4 D/4(C3/4 C/2)C/2 | w:giv-ing her a dig. She were a great big las-sie, as did-n't know her chas-sis - Were F F3/4F/4 F3/4D/4 E3/4F/4 | G3 F | A3/4A/4 A3/4A/4 G3/4G/4 G3/4G/4 | F3/4G/4 F3/4D/4 (C3/2 C/2) | w:blown up wi' air I do de-clare. Well ev-ry-thin' were cham-pi-on, un-til some sil-ly clown, - A3/4A/4 A3/4A/4 G G3/4G/4 | F3/4G/4 F3/4D/4 C2 | A3/4A/4 A3/4A/4 G G3/4G/4 | w:stabbed her with a pin said the show-man with a frown "All hands to the pumps lads, mi F3/4G/4 F3/4D/4 C F3/4G/4 | A3/4A/4 A G3/4G/4 G | F4 || w:vess-el's go-in' down", at the Raw-ten-stall An-nu-al Fair. % W: W:ch W:Down behind the gasworks, down in Rawtenstall, W:That's a little town in Lancashire. W:Last Saturday night, me and the lads, W:Ee by gum we 'ad some reet good cheer. W:There were ice creams, switch backs, coconuts, and waxworks, W:Figure eights and roundabouts, W:And weren't we all delighted when we heard the showman shout: W: W:1 W:"Oh, roll up, roll up, come and see the fat girl, W:Forty stone o' loveliness and evr'y bit's her own." W:Ee she were a big 'un, Wi't accent on the big, W:And all the fellas wi' walking sticks kept giving her a dig. W:She were a great big lassie, as didn't know her chassis W:Were blown up wi' air I do declare. W:Well everthin' were champion, until some silly clown, W:Stabbed her with a pin - said the showman with a frown W:"All hands to the pumps lads, mi vessel's goin' down", W:At the Rawtenstall Annual Fair. W: W:2 W:"Roll up, roll up, see the house o' myst'ry, W:Ladies pay a tanner to be tickled in the dark." W:In went the lads, just for a peep, W:The showman pulled a lever and they landed in a heap. W:Well, down he shot 'em, right to the bottom, W:Frills and things for ev'ryone to see. W:There were shoutin', screamin', ev'rythin' were rife, W:I saw some funny things I've never seen in all mi life, W:I saw some funny things I've never seen upon mi wife, W:At the Rawtenstall Annual Fair. W: W:3 W:"Roll up, roll up, come and see the mermaid, W:See the lovely lady, half a woman, half a fish." W:In went the lads, to show it wasn't swank, W:When little Tommy Higgins put some whisky in the tank. W:Well, she got frisky, swimmin' in the whisky, W:And when she came up for air, W:She bowed to the audience, gave her tail a swish, W:Her tail it came off and she really looked delish. W:She said "What do you want boys, a bit o' meat or fish", W:At the Rawtenstall Annual Fair. W: W:4 W:"Roll up, roll up, see the tattoed lady, W:See the lovely lady with the pictures on her skin." W:In went the lads and they began to cheer, W:To see that on her back were all the towns o' Lancashire. W:There were Odsall Bottom, Manchester City, W:The town hall standin' in the square. W:There were Oldham, Bolton, Ashton-under-Lyne, W:W:'Coal pit up at Burnley were lookin' mighty fine, W:Till someone shouted "Daddy, don't go down the mine", W:At the Rawtenstall Annual Fair. % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Robert Patrick Weston and Bert Lee

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