(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Seeds Of Love T:The Sprig Of Thyme C:Trad M:4/4 L:1/4


K:G D | G3/2 F/2 G A | G3 (G/2 B/2) | d d c (B/2A/2) | (G2 D) D| w:I sow'd the seeds of love and I sow'd them in the ~ Spring. ~ I B B/2 B/2 (d/2B/2) c/2 A/2 | (G/2A/2) (B/2 G/2) D D/2 D/2 | w:ga-ther'd them up ~ in the morn ~ ing so soon. While the C C/2 C/2 D D | d3 (c/2 A/2) | w:small birds so sweet-ly sing. While the B (c/2 A/2) G F | G2 z || w:small birds so sweet-ly sing. % W: W:1 W:I sow'd the seeds of love W:And I sow'd them in the spring W:I gather'd them up in the morning so soon W:While the small birds so sweetly sing W: W:ch - repeat last line of verse W:While the small birds so sweetly sing W: W:2 W:My garden was planted well W:With flowers everywhere W:But I had not the liberty to choose for myself W:Of the flowers that I love so dear W: W:3 W:The gard'ner was standing by W:And I as'd him to choose for me W:He chose for me the violet, the lily and the pink W:But those I refused all three W: W:4 W:The violet I did not like W:Because it bloomed so soon W:The lily and the pink I really over-think W:So I vowed that I would wait 'til June. W: W:5 W:In June there was red Rose-bud W:And that is the flow'r for me W:I often times have plucked that red Rose-bud W:Til I gained the willow tree. W: W:6 W:The willow tree will twist W:And the willow tree will twine W:I often times have wish'd I were in that young man's arms W:That once had the heart of mine. W: W:7 W:Come all you false young men W:Do not leave me here to complain W:For the grass that has often times been trampled under foot W:Give it time it will rise up again.


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