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K:F D D/2D/2 A A | D D A2 | w:We are the Red Men, tall and quaint, A A A G | F E D d | w:In our fea-thers and war paint: Pow- A3 d | A3 D/2E/2 | w:wow Pow-wow We're the F E/2D/2 A A | A4 | w:men of the Old Dun Cow. d/2d/2d/2d/2 c c | B/2B/2B/2B/2 A A | w:All of us are Red Men, Fea-thers-in-our-head men, G/2G/2G/2G/2 F F | z F D2 || w:Down-a-mong-the-dead men, Pow-wow, pow-wow. % W: W:1 W:We are the Red Men, tall and quaint, W:In our feathers and war paint: W: W:ch W:Pow-wow, pow-wow, We're the men of the Old Dun Cow. W:All of us are Red Men, Feathers-in-our-head men, W:Down-among-the-dead men, Pow-wow, pow-wow. W: W:2 W:We can fight with sticks and stones, W:Bows and arrows, slings and bones, W: W:3 W:We come home from distant shores, W:Greeted by our long-nosed squaws.


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Song Notes

Essentially a song which should be sung straight, but the actions are absolutely necessary. (Gilwell Camp Fire Book)

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