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K:G z2 z G | A B c B | d c/2B/2 A d | w:There is a green hill far a - way, Which B g f e | d3 A/2B/2 | w:we will ne-ver tread, Where - c c c B | e e ^d d | w:scan-ty rice or mil-let makes The e c B A | G3 z || w:peo-ple’s dai-ly bread. % W: W:1 W:There is a green hill far away, W:Which we will never tread, W:Where scanty rice or millet makes W:The people’s daily bread. W: W:2 W:Through labour long the parents try W:Their families to feed, W:Yet rarely does the rice they win W:Suffice to meet their need. W: W:3 W:Here comes the trader from the town, W:With promise fair and true; W:“I’ll train your child in useful skills, W:And send his wage to you. W: W:4 W:He’ll live with me in comfort sure, W:And he shall eat his fill. W:Here’s thirty pence in token of W:My good and honest will.” W: W:5 W:In cellar damp with rod and thongs W:He’s broken to his trade, W:And shirts and shoes and radio sets W:By his young hand are made. W: W:6 W:In our own high street near at hand, W:The goods they have to sell W:Come from the sweatshop where he works W:Enduring living hell. W: W:7 W:We don’t admit, we never tell W:What pains he has to bear, W:But we must know it is for us W:He lives and suffers there.


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Song Notes

A parody on the hymn 'There Is a Green Hill?, highlighting poverty and greed in the world.

Song by G Stebbins and JSMF

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