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K:C z z F/2E/2 | C E G | G F E/2E/2 | D C C | C2 C | w:It is of a rich mer-chant I’m - go-ing to tell, Who C E G | c c c | B G G | G2 G | w:had for a daugh-ter a very fine young gel. Her c c c | B G E | F G A | G2 C/2D/2 | w:name it was Di-nah, just six-teen years old, With a E E E | G F E | D C C | C2 C/2D/2 | w:wer-ry large fo-rtin in sil-ver and gold. Too-ra- E E E | G F C | D C B, | C2 z || w:lee, With a werry large fortin in silver and gold. % W: W:1 W:It is of a rich merchant I’m going to tell, W:Who had for a daughter a very fine young gel. W:Her name it was Dinah, just sixteen years old, W:With a werry large fortin in silver and gold. W:(ch)Too-ra-lee, too-ra-lay W:With a werry large fortin in silver and gold. W: W:2 W:As Dinah vas a valikin’ in the garding one day, W:Her father comes up to her, and thus to her does say, W:“Go, dress yourself, Dinah, in gorgeous array, W:For I’ve found you a hus-i-band, both galliant and gay.” W: W:3 W:“Oh, father, dear father,” poor Dinah she said, W:“I don’t feel inclin-ed to be marr-i-ed; W:And all my large fortin I’ll gladly give o’er W:If you’ll let me live single a year or two more.” W: W:4 W:“Go, go! Boldest daughter,” the parient he cried, W:“If you don’t feel inclin-ed to be this young man’s bride W:I’ll give all your large fortin to the nearest of kin W:And you shan’t reap the benefit of one single pin!” W: W:5 W:Now, as Willikins vaz a-valiking in the garding all round, W:He spied his dear Dinah lying dead on the ground, W:With a cup of cold pison all down by her side, W:And a billet-dow that said as how ‘twas by pison she died. W: W:6 W:Then he kiss’d her cold corperses a thousand times o’er, W:And called her his dear Dinah, though she was no more; W:Then he swallowed the pison, and sung a short stave – W:And Willikins and his Dinah were laid in one grave. W: W:7 W:Now, all you young maidens, don’t thus fall in love, nor W:Do that not by no means disliked by your guv’nor; W:And, all you young gennulmen, mind who you claps eyes on, W:Think of Villikins and his Dinah – not forgetting the pison.


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