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M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G E2 z F2 z| A2 G F2 z| w:We be sol-diers three, E3/2 F/2 G F2 B| G3/2- F/2 E F3| w:Par-don-a moy ie vous - en pree, d3/2 c/2 B A3/2 G/2 A| B3/2- A/2 G F2 B| w:Late-ly come forth of the low - coun-try A3/2 B/2 G F3/2 E/2 F| G E2- E3| w:With ne-ver a pen - ny of mo-ny. A3/2 B/2 G F3/2 E/2 F| G E2- E3| w:Pa la la lan-ti-do dil-ly. % W:1 W:We be soldiers three, W:(chorus)Pardona moy ie vous en pree, W:Lately come forth of the low country, W:(chorus)With never a penny of mony. Pa la la lantido dilly. W: W:2 W:Here good fellow I drink to thee, W:To all good fellowes where ever they may be W: W:3 W:And he that will not pledge me this, W:Payes for the shot what ever it is, W: W:4 W:Charge it againe boy, charge it again W:As long as there is any inke in my pen


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