(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Wha Wadna Fecht For Charlie C:Trad Z:Webmaster M: 2/4 L: 1/8 K: F |:"F"F2 F>G | AG Ac | "F"F2 "Bb"F>B | "F"Ac "C7"G2 |

 "F"F2 "Dm"F>G | "A7"AG "Dm"Ac | "Bb"df "F"cf | Af "C7"G2 !fine!y|]

"F"Ac cd | f>c "Bb"dc | "F"Ac "Am"cd | "Dm"f>A "C7"G2 | "F"Ac cd/e/ | f>c "Bb"dc | "Bb"df "F"cf | Af "C7"G2 :| % W:(chorus) W:Wha wadna fecht for Charlie, Wha wadna draw the sword, W:Wha wadna up and rally, At the Royal Prince's word? W: W:1 W:Think on Scotia's ancient heroes, Think on foreign foes repelled, W:Think on loyal Bruce and Wallace, Wha the proud usurper quelled. W: W:2 W:See the northern clans advancing, See Glengarry and Lochiel, W:See the brandished broadsword glancing, Highland hearts as true as steel. W: W:3 W:Now the Prince has raised his banner, Now triumphant is our cause, W:Now the Scottish Lion rallies, Let us fight for Prince and Laws.


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