(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:What I Want Is A Proper Cup O' Coffee C:R P Weston C:Bert Lee M:C L:1/4


score Vo [ S T ] V:Vo clef=treble name=Vo V:S clef=treble V:T clef=bass K:F P:Intro V:Vo z4 | z4 | z4 | z4 | w: P:Verse V:Vo z4 | z2 z |: A | D D A A/2 B/2 | w:A sul-tan sat on his V:Vo c/2 d/2 c/2 A/2 G F/2 G/2 | A A A F | G2 F/2 z/2 A | w:or-i-en-tal mat in his harem in down-town Per-sia. He V:Vo D D A A/2 B/2 | c/2 d/2 c/2 A/2 G F/2 G/2 | A/2 A/2 A A F | w:took a sip of - cof-fee just a drip and he said to his ser-vant V:Vo G2 F/2 z/2 d | ^c B A G | F A z _A/2 A/2 | w:Ker-sha "Ah Ker-sha Ker-sha Ker-sha! That's the V:Vo G/2 G/2 ^G A/2 A/2 =B | d c z2 | w:worst cup o' cof-fee in Per-sia P:chorus V:Vo F A F A/2 B/2 | c/2 d/2 c/2 B/2 A/2 F3/2 | F A/2 B/2 c/2 d/2 c/2 F/2 | E/2 F/2 (G G) z | w:What I want is a pro-per cup o' cof-fee made in a pro-per cup o' cof-fee pot V:Vo d B/2 c/2 d B | c A/2 B/2 c2 | d c B A | G2 z A/2 G/2 | w:Tin cof-fee pots and iron cof-fee pots they're no use to me. If I V:Vo F A/2 F/2 G/2 A/2 B/2 G/2 | A/2 B/2 c/2 A/2 B/2 c/2 d/2 B/2 | A/2 B/2 c/2 d/2 c/2 B/2 A/2 G/2 | w:can't have a pro-per cup of cof-fee from a pro-per cup o' cof-fee pot I'll have a cup o' V:Vo |1 F3 z :|2 F3 z :| w:tea!" tea!" % W: W:1 W:A Sultan sat on his oriental mat W:In his harem in downtown Persia. W:He took a sip of coffee, just a drip, W:And he said to his servant Kersia, W:"Aw curse ya', curse ya', curse ya', W:That's the worst cup of coffee in Persia!" 'cause W: W:Chorus: W:All I want is a proper cup of coffee W:Made in a proper copper coffee pot. W:I may be off my dot, W:But I want a proper coffee in a proper copper pot. W:Iron coffee pots and tin coffee pots, they are no use to me. W:If I can't have a proper cup of coffee W:In a proper copper coffee pot, W:I'll have a cup of tea. W: W:chorus W: W:2 W:In days of old, when knights and men were bold, W:And whiskey was much cheaper. W:Ben Turpin rode to a coffee shop W:And showed his pistols to the keeper W:He said, "Stand and deliver! W:Can't you see that I'm all a quiver?" 'cause W: W:chorus W: W:3 W:When Bonaparte found that he was in the cart W:And he lost that Waterloo fight. W:He gave his sword to Wellington, my Lord, and he said, W:"Those British can't half fight. W:Now you've had your Waterloo, sir, tell me what W:Am I having with you, sir?" 'cause W: W:chorus (with French accent) W: W:4 W:Now King Solomon and his queen would carry on, W:So we heard in the ancient scandals. W:He bought her lots of silver coffee pots W:With diamond legs and handles. W:And said the queen of Sheeba, W:"I'd rather have any old tea bag," 'cause W: W:Chorus W:Chorus (fast) W:Chorus (really fast)


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Song by R P Weston and Bert Lee

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