(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Widecombe Fair C:Trad M:6/8 L:1/4


K:G z3/2 z D/2 | G G/2 B G/2 | F/2E/2D/2 G3/2 | w:Tom Pearce, Tom Pearce, lend me your grey mare. G3/4G/4G/2 B3/4G/4G/2 | F3/4F/4G/2 A D/4D/4 | w:All a-long, down a-long, out a-long lea. For I G/2G/2G/2 B/2A/2G/2 | F/2E/2D/2 E D/4D/4 | w:want for to go - to Wid-e-combe Fair, With Bill E/2E/2D/2 E/2E/2D/4D/4 | E/2E/2D/4D/4 E/2E/2D/2 | w:Brew-er, Jan Stew-er, Pe-ter Gur-ney, Pe-ter a-vy, Dan'l E/2E/2D/4D/4 E D/2 | D3/4c/4B/2 A/2G/2F/2 | w:Whid-don, Har-ry Hawke, Old Un-cle Tom Cob-bleigh and (d3/2 d) c/2 | B3/4c/4B/2 A/2G/2F/2 | (G3/2 G) z/2 || w:all, - Old Un-cle Tom Cob-bleigh and all. % W: W:1 W:Tom Pearce, Tom Pearce, lend me your grey mare. W:(ch))All along, down along, out along lea. W:For I want for to go to Widecombe Fair, W: W: W:ch W:With Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney, W:Peter Davy, Dan'l Whiddon, Harry Hawke, W:Old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all, W:Old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all. W: W:2 W:And when shall I see again my grey mare? W:By Friday soon, or Saturday noon, With … W: W:3 W:Then Friday came, and Saturday noon. W:But Tom Pearce's old mare hath not trotted home, With … W: W:4 W:So Tom Pearce he goes up to the top o' the hill. W:And he seed his old mare down a-making her will, With … W: W:5 W:So Tom Pearce's old mare, her took sick and died.. W:And Tom he sat down on a stone, and he cried, With… W: W:6 W:But this isn't the end o' this shocking affair. W:Nor is it the end of the horrid career Of… W: W:7 W:When the wind whistles cold on the moor of the night. W:Tom Pearce's old mare doth appear ghastly white, With … W: W:8 W:And all the long night be heard skirling and groans. W:From Tom Pearce's old mare in her rattling bones, And …


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