(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Will Said To His Mammy Z:Webmaster C:Trad K: W:1 W:Will said to his mammy, That hee would go wooe, W:Faine would he wed but he was not who. W:Soft a while lammy Stay, and yet abide. W:Hee like a fools as he was replied: W: W:(chorus) W:In faith I'll have a wife, a wife, a wife. W:O what a life I do leade, For a wife in my bedde, W:I may not tell you, O there to have a wife, a wife, a wife, W:O tis smart to my hart, Tis racke to my backe And to my belly. W: W:2 W:Scarcely was he wedded, Full a fortnight space, W:But that he was in heavie case. Largely was headed, W:I may not tell you. O there to have a wife, a wife, a wife. W: W:3 W:All you that are batchelors, Be learned by crying Will, W:When you well to remaine so still Better for to tarry, W:And alone to lie, Than like a foole with a foole to order W:A figge for such a wife, a wife, a wife.


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