(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:With the scent of woodsmoke C:Unknown composer Z:Webmaster M:C| L:1/4


K:C E3/4E/4E3/4F/4 G E | F3/4F/4F3/4c/4 B G | D3/4D/4D3/4E/4 F F3/4G/4 | B3/4A/4G3/4F/4 E3/2 C/2 | A B3/4c/4 B A | A G B3/2 G/2 | G F A3/2 G/2 | F E G3/2 F/2 | G3/2 F/2 F d | c2 G E | G3/2 F/2 F C | C3 z || % W: W:1 W:With the scent of woodsmoke drifting on the air, W:And the glow of firelight we always love to share, W:Visions of camp-fires all return, W:And as the logs flame up and burn, W:We dream of bygone camp-fires and long for those to come. W: W:2 W:Tongues of yellow fire flickering up on high, W:Reaching twisting fingers up to a starlit sky, W:Voices recall songs old and new, W:Songs once dear to our fathers too, W:Who dreamed of bygone camp-fires and longed for those to come. W: W:3 W:Gently dying embers cast a rosy glow, W:Voices slowly sinking to tones so soft and low, W:Slowly upon the still night air, W:Fall faithful voices hushed in prayer, W:That dream of bygone camp-fires and long for those to come.


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