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K:D (D/2E/2) | F F F (E/2F/2) | G2 A (A/2G/2) | (F/2E/2) D E E | D3 D/2E/2 | w:A - dieu sweet love-ly - Nan-cy Ten - thou - sand times a-dieu. I am F F F (E/2F/2) | G G A (A/2G/2) | (F/2E/2) DE E | D3 A | w:going a-cross the - o-cean love to - seek - for some-thing new. Come B A A d | A F G A | B A (F/2E/2) D | E3 D/2E/2 | w:change your ring with me, dear girl Come change your ring - with me. For it F F/2F/2 F E/2F/2 | (G G) A (A/2G/2) | (F/2E/2) D E E | D3 z |] w:might be a to-ken of true - love while - I - am on the sea W:1 W:Adieu, sweet lovely Nancy, ten thousand times adieu, W:I am going across the ocean, love, to seek for something new. W:    Come change your ring with me, dear girl, W:    Come change your ring with me, W:For it might be a token of true love while I am on the sea. W: W:2 W:And when I'm far upon the sea you'll know not where I am. W:Kind letters I will write to you from every foreign land. W:    The secrets of your heart, dear girl, W:    Are the best of my good will, W:So let your body be where it might, my heart will be with you still. W: W:3 W:There's a heavy storm arising, see how it gathers round, W:While we poor souls on the ocean wide are fighting for the crown. W:    There's nothing to protect us, love, W:    Or keep us from the cold, W:On the ocean wide, where we must fight like jolly seamen bold. W: W:4 W:There's tinkers, tailors, shoemakers, lie snoring fast asleep, W:While we poor souls on the ocean wide are ploughing through the deep. W:    Our officers commanded us, W:    And them we must obey, W:Expecting every moment for to get cast away. W: W:5 W:But when the wars are over, there'll be peace on every shore, W:We'll return to our wives and our families, and the girls that we adore. W:    We'll drink out liquor merrily, W:    And spend our money free, W:And when the money is all gone - we'll boldly go to sea.


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From the repertoire of the Copper Family.



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