(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T: Adieu Ye Streams C: Trad N: L: 1/4=120 M: 4/4 K:A C/2D/2 ||: "A"E A C D | "E"E (D/2C/2) B, (A,/2B,/2) | w: A- dieu ye streams that smooth-ly - flow Ye - "A"C D E E | "Bm"(F/2E/2) D "F#m9"C E | "Bm"(F/2G/2) A "E"(B/2A/2) G | w: ver-nal airs that gent- -ly blow Ye fields - by flow - ing "A"A (E/2D/2) "F#"C E | "D"(F/2G/2) A "Bm"D C | "E"B (C/2D/2) "A"C E | w: spring a - rraid Ye birds - that war- ble in the - shade Ye "Bm"(F/2G/2) A "E"(B/2A/2) G | "A"A E/2D/2 "F#m"C E | "D"(F/2G/2) A "Bm"DC | w: fields - by flow - ing spring a-rr-aid Ye birds - that war-ble "E"B,3/2 A,/2 "A"(A,2 |[1 A,2) z (C/2D/2) :|[2 A,2) z2 ]| w: in the shade - W: W:1 W:Adieu ye streams that smoothly flow W:Ye vernal airs that gently blow W:Ye fields by flowing spring arraid W:Ye birds that warble in the shade W:Ye birds that warble in the shade. W: W:2 W:Unhurt from you my soul could fly W:Nor drop one tear nor leave one sigh W:But forced from Celia's charms to part W:All joys forsake my drooping heart W:All joys forsake my drooping heart. W: W:3 W:O fairer than the rosy morn, W:When flowers the dewy fields adorn, W:Unsullied as the genial ray W:That warms the balmy breeze of May. W: W:4 W:Thy charms divinely bright appear, W:And add new splendour to the year, W:Improve the day with fresh delight, W:And gild with joy the dreary night. % % % % % % % % %]


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