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K:G D | G2 (3B/A/G/ | B2A | G2E | D2 D | w:A-ma-zing - - grace! how sweet the sound, That G2 (3B/A/G/ | B2A/B/ | d3- | d2 B/d/ | w:saved a - - wretch; like - me! - I - d2 (3B/A/G/ | B2A | G2E | D2 D | w:once was - - lost, but now am found, Was G2 (3B/A/G/ | B2A | G3-| G2 |] w:blind, but - - now I see. W: W:1 W:Amazing grace! how sweet the sound, W:  That saved a wretch; like me! W:I once was lost, but now am found, W:  Was blind, but now I see. W: W:2 W:’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, W:  And grace my fears relieved; W:How precious did that grace appear W:  The hour I first believed! W: W:3 W:The Lord hath promised good to me, W:  His word my hope secures; W:He will my shield and portion be W:  As long as life endures. W: W:4 W:When we’ve been there ten thousand years, W:  Bright shining as the sun, W:We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise W:  Than when we first begun.


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