(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T: And the Angels sang M:4/4 L:1/4 C:Noel Jackson 2020


V:1 name="Treble" V:2 name="Alto" V:3 name="Bass" clef=bass K:G [V:1] ||f| "G"g "C"e "G"d/c/ d|"Am"c "D7"A "G"B B/B/|"A7"A/-B/ ^c/-d/ "A7"e/-f/ g|"D"f3 d|! |"G"g "C"e "G"d/-c/ d|"Am"c "D7"A "G"B d/c/|"Em"B "G"G "D7"A d| "G"B3 ||!

w: and the| An-gels sang |"G" g d "C"e d/c/| "G"B/-c/ d/-e/ "D7"d c |"Em"B "G"G "D7"A d |"G"g3||! [V:2]|| d |G c G/A/ B|A F G B/B/| E A ^c A|d A D F|! |G c G/-A/ B| A F G B/-A/|G D F A| G3||!

w:and the|An-gels sang **| | G B c B/-A/| G/-A/ B/-c/ A A |G D F A | B3||! [V:3]||D,| B,, C, D, B,,| A,, D, G,, D,/D,/|E, ^C, A, ^C| D,3 D,|! w:The|first to see the|heavn-ly babe were a|low-ly ox and |ass who |B,, C, D, B,,| A,, D, G,, D,|E, G, D, D, | G,,3 ||! w:bow'd their heads in won-dring awe at |what had come to |pass

w:|and the|An-gels sang and the|An-gels sang and the| |G, B,,C, E,| D, D, D, E,|E, G, D, D,|G,,3|| w:Che-ru-bim and| Ser-a-phim sang|Glo-ry to the|King| W: W:Verse 2. The next to see the heavn'ly babe were shepherds from the fields, W:Who marveled at the glory that the heavn'ly birth revealed. W:Chorus W: W:Verse 3:The third to see the heavn'ly babe were kings from lands afar, W:Swift to the humble stable led by glorious angel choir. W:Chorus W: W:Verse 4: The last to seek the heavn'ly babe was Herod, Israel's lord, W:But the Holy fam'ly to Egypt fled and saved Christ from the sword. W:Chorus % % % % % % % % % % %]


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