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M:3/4 L:1/8 K:D D | FG A3 G| FE D3 E| FA d2 d2| (c A3) z c| w:In Scar-let town where I was born there was a fair maid dwell-in' Made dB G2A-B| AF D3 E| FA B2 A2 | (F D3) z2 |] w:ev' ry youth cry - well-a-day her name was Barb-ra Allen K: W:1 W:In Scarlet town where I was born, W:There was a fair maid dwellin' W:Made every youth cry Well-a-day, W:Her name was Barb'ra Allen. W: W:2 W:All in the merry month of May, W:When green buds they were swellin' W:Young Willie Grove on his death-bed lay, W:For love of Barb'ra Allen. W: W:3 W:He sent his servant to her door W:To the town where he was dwellin' W:Haste ye come, to my master's call, W:If your name be be Barb'ra Allen. W: W:4 W:So slowly, slowly got she up, W:And slowly she drew nigh him, W:And all she said when there she came: W:"Young man, I think you're dying!" W: W:5 W:He turned his face unto the wall W:And death was drawing nigh him. W:Good bye, Good bye to dear friends all, W:Be kind to Bar'bra Allen W: W:6 W:When he was dead and laid in grave, W:She heard the death bell knelling. W:And every note, did seem to say W:Oh, cruel Barb'ra Allen W: W:7 W:"Oh mother, mother, make my bed W:Make it soft and narrow W:Sweet William died, for love of me, W:And I shall of sorrow." W: W:8 W:They buried her in the old churchyard W:Sweet William's grave was neigh hers W:And from his grave grew a red, red rose W:From hers a cruel briar. W: W:9 W:They grew and grew up the old church spire W:Until they could grow no higher W:And there they twined, in a true love knot, W:The red, red rose and the briar. % % % % % % % % %]


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