(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Barrack Street Z:Webmaster C:Trad R: reel M: 4/4 L: 1/8 K: Gmaj |:dc|BE E2 G2 AD|D2 AD D2 Ac|BE E2 G3A|(3.B.c.d ef e2 dc| BE E2 G2AD|D2 AD D2 Ac|BE E2 GFGA|(3.B.c.d ef e2:| |:f|geBe geBe|faad faaf|geBe geBe|fedf e3f| (3.g.f.e Be geBe|faad faaf|g3e f3d|edBd e2:| W:1 W:You sailors all come lend an ear, come listen to my song; W:A trick of late was played on me and it won't detain you long. W:I come from sea the other day and a girl I chanced to meet, W:“Oh, me friends will be expecting me to a dance in Barrack Street.” W: W:2 W:I said, “My young fair maid, I cannot dance so well; W:Besides I am to Windsor bound where all my friends do dwell. W:Been to sea the past two years; I've saved up thirty pounds. W:My friends will be expecting me this night in Windsor town.” W: W:3 W:“Well if you cannot dance, me love, then you shall stand a treat. W:Have a glass or two of brandy and a something for to eat. W:At six o'clock this evening I'll meet you off the train; W:So don't forget to give a call when you come to town again.” W: W:4 W:At eight o'clock that evening, then the drinking did begin. W:And when we all had drunk our fill the dancing did begin. W:Me and my love danced all around to a merry tune; W:She says, “My dear, let us retire to a chamber alone.” W: W:5 W:So dancing being over and to bed we did repair W:And there I fell fast asleep, the truth I will declare. W:My darling with me thirty pounds, gold watch and chain had fled; W:Left me here poor Jack alone, stark naked in bed. W: W:6 W:So I looked all around me and there's nothing I could spy W:But a woman's shirt and apron all on the bed did lie. W:I wrung my hands and tore my hair, crying, “Oh what shall I do? W:Fare thee well, sweet Windsor town, I'm sure I'll never see you.” W: W:7 W:Well, everything being silent and the hour but twelve o'clock; W:I put on the shirt and apron and I steered for Crowman's Wharf. W:The captain says, “Now Jack, I thought you were to Windsor bound. W:You might have got a better suit than that for thirty pound.” W: W:8 W:“I might have got a better suit if I'd had got the chance; W:I met a girl in Barrack Street, she took me to a dance. W:I danced me own destruction, now I'm struck from head to feet, W:I swear that I won't go no more down in Barrack Street.” W: W:9 W:So all of you young sailor lads a warning take from me: W:Beware of all your company when you go out on a spree. W:And keep clear of Barrack Street or else you'll rue the day: W:In a woman's shirt and apron, oh, they'll bring you out to sea.


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