(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Be Thou My Guardian And My Guide C:Isaac Williams (1802-1865) C:Tune: Abridge L:1/4 M:3/4


K:D D | A2 d | (dc) B | (AG) F | w:Be thou my gu-ar-dian and - my guide (FE) F | B2 A | A2 ^G | A2 | w:gu-ide And hear me when I call A | (FG) B | A2 A | (Bc) d | w:Let not - my slip-pe-ry foot-steps (dc) B | (dE) A | (GF) E | D2 || w:slide - And he-ar me whe-en I call % W:1 W:Be thou my guardian and my guide W:And hear me when I call W:Let not my slippery foot-steps slide W:And hold me lest I fall. W: W:2 The world, the flesh, and Satan dwell W:around the path I tread; W:O save me from the snares of hell, W:thou quickener of the dead W: W:3 W:And if I tempted am to sin W:and outward things are strong;, W:do thou, O Lord, keep watch within, W:and save my soul from wrtong. W: W:4 W:Still ever let me watch and pray, W:and feel that I am frail, W:That if the tempter cross my way, W:yet he may not prevail. % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Isaac Williams

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