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K:G z z D | G G G | E F G | A B A | F D A | w:As I was a-walk-ing for my re-cre-a-tion A B A B | d B G | F G A | A2(B/2c/2) | w:down by the gar-dens I si-lent-ly stray'd I d d B | c B A | G B G | F D c/2 c/2 | w:heard a fair maid ma-king great la-men-tat-ion Cry-ing B/2 B/2 A B | c A F | D E F | G2 z | w:Jim-my will be slain in the wars I'm a-fraid W: W:1 W:As I was a-walking for my recreation, W:A-down by the gardens I silently stray'd W:I heard a fair maid making great lamentation W:Crying Jimmy will be slain in the wars I'm afraid. W: W:2 W:The blackbirds and thrushes sang in the green bushes W:The wood-doves and larkes seem'd to mourn for this maid W:And the song that she sang was concerning her lover W:O Jimmy will be slain in the wars I'm afraid. W: W:3 W:Her cheeks blushed like roses, her arms full of posies, W:She stray'd in the meadows and weeping, she said W:My heart it is aching, my poor heart is breaking W:For Jimmy will be slain in the wars, I'm afraid. W: W:4 W:When Jimmy return'd with his heart full of burning W:He found his dear Nancy all dead in her grave. W:He cried, I'm forsaken, my poor heart is breaking W:O would that I never had left this fair maid.


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