(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Drink Old Aston Dry T:Aston Pub Crawl C:Ian Campbell Z:Webmaster K: W:1 W:Up jumped The Duke Of Wellington Into The Avenue W:He said to Royal George we must see what we can do. W:The Old Turks Heads arising and to save The Globe I'll fly W:That's fine said George but first we'll drink Old Aston dry. W: W: W:Dry me boys, dry me boys, dry me brave boys dry W:That's fine said George but first we'll drink Old Aston dry. W: W:2 W:Up gallops Bold Prince Rupert up to the Golden Cross W:And as into The Paddock, he turns his Black Horse W:Oh let a Sportsman in he says, and then before I die W:I'll join the Golden Cross to rink Old Aston dry. W: W:3 W:Old Oliver Cromwell in The Stave Oak sat him down W:For the sake of Old Albion I must destroy The Crown W:The Royal Oak will wither, in The Tower he will die W:He'll never get the chance to drink Old Aston dry. W: W:4 W:The White Swan and The Eagle were in The Travellers Rest W:They asked The Dog And Duckto choose which of them was the best. W:Don't argue said The Old Bulls Head then blinked A Weary Eye W:But join with us and help to drink Old Aston dry. W: W:5 W:The Gong Makers gathered into The Clements Arms W:To organise a Union they thought would do no harm W:The Shareholders and The Royal Exchange they wanted to defy W:But first they had to drink Old Aston Dry % % % % % % % % %]


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Song Note

In the 1960's a lot of Birmingham (UK) was being redeveloped and a lot of the older areas, especially around Aston, near Birmingham, had their older buildings pulled down. Amongst them were the favourite watering holes (pubs) of many people.

To commemorate their passing and to keep their names and memories of them alive, Ian Campbell re-wrote an existing old song Drink Old England Dry and called it Drink Old Aston Dry or The Aston Pub Crawl.

Game for Brummies - see how many pubs you recognise!

Song by Ian Campbell

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