(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:England 1914 Z:Webmaster C:Ralph McTell K: W:What is it about you, makes me feel this way? W:When I'm leaving you, when I'm coming home W:I'm lost for words to say. W:And I know your faults and failures, W:And the troubles that you've been through. W:But it's more about what happens now W:And what were coming to. W: W:And the echo from the green hills W:Runs through the city streets, W:And the sun when it shines on England W:Well it lifts the heart in me. W: W:What is it about you that took men into war? W:Rows and rows of crosses, who remembers why what for? W:The corners of these foreign fields, W:The dust in them concealed. W:Out of sight but not out of mind, W:Don't you know that England feels? W: W:England, oh England W:England, oh England W:England, oh England W: W:Don't make this out a battle hymn or a song for victory. W:It's just a way to try to say what England means to me. W:And our accents and our colours change W:From the city to the farmland W:From the moorland to the mountain, W:From the river to the sea. W: W:England, oh England W:England, oh England W:England, oh England W: W:From the rolling road to the winding lane, W:From the field to factory, W:From summer's haze to winter's glaze, W:And all the colours in between. W:It's a stillness in the evening. W:It's the heartbeat that I'm feeling. W:From Cornwall to Northumberland, W:From the Pennines to the sea. % % % % % % % % %]


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