(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Flash Jack From Gundagai T:All Among The Wool Z:Webmaster C:Trad O:Australia M:6/8 L:1/4


K:D A, | D D/2 D E/2 | F F/2 D D/2 | E E/2 F E/2 | (D3/2 D) A/2 | w:I've shore at Bur-rabo-gie and I've shore at To--gan-main - I've A A/2 A A/2 | d3/2 A A/2 | B/2B/2B/2 B B/2 | (A3/2 A) A/2 | w:shore at Big Will-an-dra and out on the Co-ler-aine - But A A/2 A/2B/2c/2 | d3/2 B A/2 | B/2B/2B/2 A F/2 | (D3/2 D) z/2 | w:be-fore the shear-ing was o-ver I longed to get back a-gain D/2D/2D/2 D E/2 | F/2F/2F/2 E D/2 | E3/2 E3/2 | (D3/2 D) || w:Shear-ing for old Tom Pat-ter-son on the One Tree Plain % W:1 W:I've shore at Burrabogie and I've shore at Toganmain W:I've shore at Big Willandra and out on the Coleraine W:But before the shearing was over I longed to get back again W:Shearing for old Tom Patterson on the One Tree Plain W: W:ch W:All among the wool boys all among the wool W:Keep your blades full boys keep your blades full W:I can do a respectable tally myself whenever I like to try W:And they know me round the backblocks as Flash Jack from Gundagai W: W:2 W:I've shore at Big Willandra and I've shore at Tilberoo W:And once I drew my blades boys upon the famed Barcoo W:At Cowan Downs and Trida as far as Moulamein W:But I was always glad to get back again to the One Tree Plain W: W:3 W:I've pinked them with the Wolseleys and I've rushed with B-bows too W:And shaved them in the grease boys with the grass seeds showing through W:But I never slummed a pen my lads whatever it might contain W:When shearing for Old Tom Patterson on the One Tree Plain W: W:4 W:I've been whaling up the Lachlan and I've dossed on Cooper's Creek W:And once I rung Cudjingie shed and blued it in a week W:But when Gabriel blows his trumpet lads I'll catch the morning train W:And push for Old Tom Patterson's on the One Tree Plain % % % % % % % % %]


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