(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Flight Of The Earls C:Alfred Perceval Graves - words C:Charles Villiers Stanford - music O:Ireland M:4/4 L:1/4


K:G D | G3/2 A/2 (G/2F/2) (E/2D/2) | d3/2 e/2 d c | B G (B/2A/2) (G/2F/2) | E3 F | w:1.To oth-er shores -a -cross the sea we speed with swel - ling - sail. Yet w:2.As slow-ly in - to - dis-tance dim Your sha-dow sinks - and - dies, So G3/2 A/2 (G/2F/2) (E/2D/2) | d3/2 e/2 d c | B !<(!A (G/2A/2) (B/2^c/2) | !<)!d3 !mf!d | w:still there lin - gers - on our lee A phan-tom In - nis - fail Oh w:o'er the o - cean's - ut-most rim A-noth-er realm - shall - rise; New e3/2 c/2 g e | d3/2 c/2 B F | c !<(!B A !<)!G | !>(!E3 !>)!F | w:fear not fear not gen-tle ghost Your sons shall turn un-true Though w:hills shall swell, new vales ex-pand, New ri-vers wind-ing flow, But G3/2 A/2 (G/2F/2) (E/2D/2) | d3/2 e/2 d c | B G (B/2A/2) (G/2F/2) |1 G3 z :|2 G3 z/2 D/2 || w:fain to fly - your - love-ly coast they leave their hearts - with - you. - 3.Shall w:could we for - a - fos-ter land Your mo-ther-love - fore- - go? G3/2 A/2 (G/2F/2) (E/2D/2) | d3/2 e/2 d c | B G (B/2A/2) (G/2F/2) | E3 F | w:mi-ghty Es - pan's - mar-tial praise our pat-riot pul - ses - still And G3/2 A/2 (G/2F/2) (E/2D/2) | d3/2 e/2 d c | B A (G/2A/2) (B/2^c/2) | d3 d | w:o'er your mem- - y's - fer-vent rays For-ev-er cast - a - chill? Oh e3/2 d/2 g e | d3/2 c/2 B d | c B A G | E3 F | w:no! we live for your rel-ief, Till home from al-ien earth We G3/2 A/2 (G/2F/2) (E/2D/2) | d3/2 e/2 d c | B G (B/2A/2) (G/2F/2) | G3 z || w:share the smile - that - gilds your grief, The tear that gems - your - mirth. % W:1 W:To other shores across the sea W:We speed with swelling sail; W:Yet still there lingers on our lee W:A phantom Innisfail. W:Oh fear, fear not, gentle ghost, W:Your sons shall turn untrue! W:Though fain to fly your lovely coast, W:They leave their hearts with you. W: W:2 W:As slowly into distance dim W:Your shadow sinks and dies, W:So o'er the ocean's utmost rim W:Another realm shall rise; W:New hills shall swell, new vales expand, W:New rivers winding flow, W:But could we for a foster land W:Your mother-love forego? W: W:3 W:Shall mighty Espan's martial praise W:Our patriot pulses still, W:And o'er your memory's fervent rays W:Forever cast a chill? W:Oh, no! we live for your relief, W:Till home from alien earth W:We share the smile that gilds your grief, W:The tear that gems your mirth. W: W: W:The Flight Of The Earls - version 2 W: W:1 W:Beside the camp fire's fitful blaze W:Amid the forest drear, W:I picture in the dying rays, W:The home to me so dear; W:The lowly cot, the leaping stream, W:The spire upon the hill, W:I see them as I lie and dream, W:My heart is with them still. W:. W:2 W:To my green Isle my thoughts return W:Sweet Erin ever blest, W:For thy deep valleys oft I yearn, W:Wherein my kindred rest, W:The shamrock springs within my heart W:When Patrick's day is nigh, W:For though from home and friends apart, W:To them fond mem'ries fly. W:. W:3 W:The loving hearts I've left behind W:With mine in exile beat, W:A joyful welcome sure I'll find W:When there some day we meet; W:O haste ye weary laggard years, W:O speed me o'er the foam, W:To greet again, 'mid happy tears, W:My native land! my home! % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Alfred Perceval Graves and Charles Villiers Stanford

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