(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Female Highwayman T:Sovay Sovay C: Trad Z:Webmaster


M: 6/8 L: 1/4


K: Gb "Ebm"GF/2G/2 "Bbm"F | [M:5/8] "Ebm"G (E/2F/2)G/2 | [M:4/8] "Bbm"F "Ebm"G | w:So-vay so-vay all on - a day She [M:6/8] "Abm"E/2E/2 "Bbm"FD | [M:5/8] (B,/2C/2)D/2 "Eb"E/2 (G/4A/4) | "Gb"B/2B/2AB/2 | w:dressed her-self in man's - a-rray with a load-ed pist-ol [M:6/8] "Ebm"G/2E/2E/2 "Bbm"D B,/2 | "Ebm"E/2E/2 G (E/2 E/4)E/4 | "Abm"E/2E/2 B B/2A/2 | w:down by her side To rob her true love - to rob her true love a [M:4/8] "Bbm"G/2F/2 "Ebm"E :| w:way did ride % W:1 W:Sovay sovay all on a day W:She dressed herelf in a man's array W:With a loaded pistol down by her side W:To rob her true love W:To rob her true love W:Away did ride W: W:2 W:As she was riding over the plain W:She met her true love and bid him stand W:Stand and deliver kind sir she said W:Or else this moment W:Or else this moment I'll shoot you dead W: W:3 W:And when she robb'd him of his store W:She said kind sir there is one thing more W:A diamond ring which I know you have W:Deliver it W:Deliver it W:Your sweet life to save. W: W:4 W:"This diamond ring is a pledge of love; W:My life I'll lose before the ring I'll give." W:Being tender-hearted just like a dove, W:She turned around, she turned around and left her love. W: W:5 W:One day after these two were seen W:Walking together in the garden green, W:He spied his watch hanging by her clothes W:Which made him blush, made him blush like any rose. W: W:6 W:"What makes you blush so silly a thing, W:I fain would have had your diamond ring. W:It was I who robbed you down on the plain W:So here's your watch, love, here's your watch and your gold again." W: W:7 W:"I did it just for to know W:If that you were a true love or no; W:But if you'd have given me that ring,"she said, W:"I'd have pulled the trigger, I'd have pulled the trigger and shot you dead." % % % % % % % % %]


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