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K:G G2 | G4G2G2 | G2d2B2G2 | G2E2E2D2 | E4z2D2 | G3GG2G2 | w:When I was a young girl at the age of sweet six-teen, Far from my par-ents G2d2B2G2 | B3AA2G2 | A4z2A2 | A3AA2B2 | A2F2D2EE | w:ran aw-ay all for to serve the Queen. The Of-fic-er en-list-ing me said I c2B2c2d2 | B4(B3c) | c3EE2E2 | D2G2G2G2 | B3AG2F2 | w:was a nice young man. I - think you'll make a drum-mer so it's come a-long young G4F3G | A3GA2B2 | (A2F2)E3D | c3Bc2d2 | B4z2B2 | w:man. So it's come a-long young man-. So it's come a-long young man. I c3EE2E2 | D2GG3G | B3AG2F2 | G4z2 | w:think you'll make a drum-mer so it's come a-long young man % W:1 W:I was brought up in Yorkshire and when I was sixteen, W:I ran away from borne, my boys, and a soldier I became, W:With my fine cap and feathers, likewise my rattling drum, W:They learned me to play upon the rub-a-dub-a-dum. W: W:ch W:With her fine cap and feathers, likewise her rattling drum, W:They learned her to play upon the rub-a-dub-a-dum, W:With her gentle waist so slender, her fingers long and small, W:She could play upon the rub-a-dub the best of them all. W: W:2 W:I went to be a soldier, in doublet all of blue, W:And when they gave to me a drum, I was a drummer too, W:To rush into the battle with a broadsword in my hand, W:To hear the cannon rattle and the music sound so grand. W: W:3 W:It's many the pranks I saw while fighting the King's men, W:And proudly I did march, my boys, although I'm but a wench, W:And buttoning up my breeches how often have I smiled, W:To think I lay with a thousand men and a maiden all the while. W:. W:4 W:They sent me up to London, to be sentry at the Tower, W:And my secret might be safe until this very day and hour, W:But a lady fell in love with me and she found out I was a maid, W:She went straightway to my officer and my secret she betrayed. W: W:5 W:He unbuttoned my blue doublet and he found that it was true, W:It's a shame, he says, "to lose a pretty drummer-boy like you," W:So now I must return to my family at home, W:And along with my bold comrades no longer can I roam. W: W:6 W:So fare you well my officers, you have been kind to me, W:And fare you well my comrades, you ne'er forgot shall be, W:Should Parliament and Waller, have need of me again, W:I'll don my cap and feathers, and I'll beat the drum again. % % % % % % % % %]


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