(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Family Of Man Z:Webmaster C:Fred Dallas K: % W:1 W:I belong to a family, the biggest on the earth W:Ten thousand every day are coming to birth W:Our name isn't Davis, Hall, Groves, or Jones W:It's a name every man should be proud he owns W: W:ch W:The family of Man keeps growing W:The family of Man keeps sowing W:The seeds of a new life every day W: W:2 W:I've got a sister in Melbourne, a brother in Paris W:The whole wide world is dad and mum to me W:Wherever you go you'll find my kin W:Whatever the creed or the colour of the skin W: W:3 W:The miner in the Rhondda, the coolie in Peking W:The men across the ocean who plough, reap and spin W:They've got a life and others to share it W:So let's bridge the oceans and declare W: W:4 W:From the North Pole ice to the snow at the other W:There is not a man I wouldn't call brother W:But there isn't much time, I've had my fill W:Of the men of war who intend to kill W: W:5 W:Some people say the world's a horrible place W:But it's just as good or bad as the human race W:Dirt and misery or health and joy W:Man can build or can destroy % % % % % % % % %]


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