(:redirect quiet=1:) X:1 T:Good Old Brummagem T:I Can't Find Brummagem Z:Webmaster C:James Dobbs (1781-1837) N:Local M:C L:1/4


K:G D | D G F G | A B G2 | z G A A | B/2A/2 G2 D | w:Full twen-ty years and more are passed Since I left Brum-ma-gem. But D G F G | A B G2 | z G A A | B/2A/2 G2 d | w:I set out for home at last To good old Brum-ma-gem, But d d d B | c c c2 | c B A G/2G/2 | F E D3/2 d/2 | w:ev-'ry place is al-tered so Now there's hardl-y a place I know Which d B c A |B G A3/2 D/2 | G2 A A | B/2A/2 G2 | w:fills my heart with grief and woe For I can't find Brum-ma-gem. % W:1 W:Full twenty years and more are passed W:Since I left Brummagem. W:But I set out for home at last W:To good old Brummagem. W:But ev'ry place is altered so W:Now there's hardly a place I know W:Which fills my heart with grief and woe W:For I can't find Brummagem. W: W:2 W:As I was walking down the street W:As used to be in Brummagem, W:I knowed nobody I did meet W:For they've changed their face in Brummagem W:Poor old Spiceal Street's half gone, W:And Old Church stands alone W:And poor old I stands here to groan W:For I can't find Brummagem. W: W:3 W:But amongst the changes we have got W:In good old Brummagem W:They've made a market on the moat W:To sell the pigs in Brummagem. W:But that has brought us more ill luck W:For they've filled up Pudding Brook, W:Where in the brook jack-bannils took W:Near Good old Brummagem. W: W:4 W:But what's more melancholy still, W:For poor old Brummagem, W:They've taken away all Newhall-Hill W:From poor old Brummagem, W:At Easter time girls fair and brown, W:Came rolly-polly down, W:And showed their legs to half the town, W:Oh! the good old sights in Brummagem. W: W:5 W:Down Peck Lane I walked along, W:To find out Brummagem, W:There was the dungil down and gone W:What? no rogues in Brummagem, W:They've ta'en it to a street called Moor, W:A sign that rogues ain't fewer, W:But rogues won't like it there I'm sure, W:While Peck Lane's in Brummagem. W: W:6 W:I remember one John Growse, W:Who buckles made in Brummagem, W:He built himself a country house, W:To be out of the smoke of Brummagem W:But though John's country house stands still, W:The town has walked up hill, W:Now he lives besidea smoky mill, W:In the middle of Brummagem. W: W:7 W:Among the changes that abound W:In good old Brummagem, W:May trade and happiness be found W:In good old Brummagem. W:And tho' no Newhall hil we've got W:Nor Pudding Brook nor Moat, W:May we always have enough W:To boil the pot in Brummagem. % % % % % % % % % %]


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