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K:D z2 z d/2e/2 | F3/2 F/2 E D | F/2 (A3/2 A3/2) d/2 | B2 B/2A/2 F | A3 d/2c/2 | w:Oh - they call me hang-ing Joh--nny, A-way, boys, a-way. They - B3/2 B/2 A F | E/2 (E E) z/2 E | F2 (E/2 A3/2) | D3 z |] w:says I hang for mo--ney, O hang, boys- - hang. % W: W:Oh they call me hanging Johnny, Away, boys, away. W:They says I hang for money, O hang, boys, hang. W: W:I was a gentle laddie, so first I hanged my Daddy. W: W:And then I hanged my mother, my sister and my brother. W: W:I even hanged my granny, I hauled her up so canny. W: W:And then I hanged Akela, she danced just like a sailor. W: W:I hang the dear old Skipper, I hanged him by his flipper. W: W:We’ll hang and haul together; we’ll hang for better weather. % % % % % % % % % %]


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