(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Hard Case Z:Webmaster C:Ewan MacColl K: % W:1 W:I've done me time in Liverpool W:And oh the Scrubs as well W:But they'll never get me to the 'Moor' W:I'd rather top meself W: W:ch W:Hard case, hard case W:Hard cases galore W:But the hardest cases in the 'Wood' W:Have the screws around them all W: W:2 W:They've got big fleas in Strangeways W:They're big in Peterhead W:But the Dartmoor fleas'll take a man W:And kick him out of bed W: W:3 W:Well the work is hard, the snout is scarce W:The privileges are few W:And the screws are always dreaming up W:New strokes to work on you W: W:4 W:I've been a porridge eater now W:For forty years or more W:But I never ate grade A cement W:Till I got to the 'Moor W: W:5 W:So if you're keen to find out W:What the Devil has in store W:Just come along and do a stretch W:At the College on the 'Moor % % % % % % % % % %]


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