(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Henry Martin B:From 'One Hundred English Folk Songs' (1916) C:Trad M:3/4 L:1/4


K:F V:V z z D | (D A) A | (A G) A | F G E | D2 D | w:There were - three bro-thers in me-rry Scot-land, In (F E) D | (G F) G | (A3 | A2) A | w:me-rry Scot-land there were three. ~~ And A d d | c =B A | (A D) E | (F E) D | (G F) G | A3 | w:they did cast lots which of them - should go - should go - should go. ((d3/2 e/2) d) | (c A) F | G E C | (D3 | D) z z | w:And - turn rob-ber all on the salt sea -~ W: W:1 W:There were three brothers in merry Scotland, W:In merry Scotland there were three. W:And they did cast lots W:which of them should go should go should go W:And turn robber all on the salt sea W: W:2 W:The lot it first fell on Henry Martin W:The youngest of all the three W:That he should turn robber W:All on the salt sea salt sea salt sea W:For to maintain his two brothers and he. W: W:3 W:He had not been sailing but a long Winter's night W:And a part of a short Winter's day W:Before he espied W:A stout lofty ship lofty ship lofty ship W:Come a bibbing down on him straight way W: W:4 W:Hullo hullo cried Henry Martin W:What makes you sail so nigh? W:I'm a rich merchant ship W:bound for London Town London Town London Town W:Will you please for to let me pass by? W: W:5 W:Oh no, Oh no cried Henry Martin W:That thing it never could be W:For I am turned robber W:all on the salt se salt sea salt sea W:For to maintain my two brothers and me. W: W:6 W:Come lower your top sail and brail up your mizz'n W:And bring your ship under my lee W:Or I will give you a full flowing ball flowing ball flowing ball W:And your dear bodies drown in the salt sea. W: W:7. W:Oh no we won't lower our lofty top sail W:Nor bow ourselves under your lee W:And you sha'nt take from us W:our rich merchant goods merchant goods merchant goods W:Nor point our bold guns to the sea W: W:8 W:With broadside and broadside and at it they went W:For fully two hours or threee W:That Henry Martingave to her W:the death shot the death shot the death shot W:And straight to the bottom went she W: W:9 W:Bad news, bad news to old England came W:Bad news to fair London Town W:There's been a rich vessel W:and she's cast away cast away cast away W:And all of the merry men drowed. W: % % % % % % % % % %]


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From 'One Hundred English Folk Songs Vol 1.pdf' (1916)

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