(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Here's A Health Unto His Majesty C:Trad Z:Webmaster N:Drinking M:C L:1/8 K:G GA|B2B2B2B2|A2B2 G2 GA|B2B2B2 AG|A4 G2 GA| B2B2B2B2|A2B2 G2 GA|B2B2B2 AG|A4 G2|| B2|B3c d2B2|e2e2d2 B2|B3c d2B2|A4G F2 GA|B2B2B2G2| A2B2 D2 GA|B2B2B2 AG|AGAB c2 GA|B2B2B2 AG|A4 G2|| % W:Here's a health unto his majesty, W:With a tow row row, W:Confusion to his enemies W:With a tow row row. W:And he that will not drink his health W:I wish him neither wit nor wealth W:Nor yet a rope to hand himself W:With a tow row row row row. % % % % % % % % % % %]


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