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K:Dm A2 | A2 D2 D2 C2 | (F3 G) A2 A2 | G2 F2 D2 C2 | D6 w:O Pol-ly love, O Pol -ly, the rout has now be-gun, (CD) | F2 F2 (FG)(AB) | c4 d2 dd | c2 A2 (GA)(BG) | A6 w:And - we must be - a -march-ing at the bea-ting of - the - drum; (AG) | F2 F2 (FG)(AB) | c2 c2 d2 d2 | c2 A2 G2 F2 | G6 w:Go - dress your-self - all - in your best and come al-ong with me, FG | A2 D2 D2 C2 | F3 G A2 A2 | (G2F2) D3 C | D6 || w:I'll - take you to the cru-el wars in High - Ger-man-y. % W:1 W:O Polly love, O Polly, the rout has now begun, W:And we must be a-marching at the beating of the drum; W:Go dress yourself all in your best and come along with me, W:I'll take you to the cruel wars in High Germany. W: W:2 W:O Harry love, O Harry you hearken what I say, W:My feet are all too tender I cannot march away; W:Besides my dearest Harry, tho' man and wife we be, W:How am I fit for cruel wars in High Germany? W: W:3 W:A horse I'll buy you dapple grey and on it you shall ride, W:And all my hearts delight will be a-trotting at your side; W:We'll ride o'er moor and mountain high, and breathe the air so free, W:And jauntily we'll ride along in High Germany. W: W:4 W:O no my love it may not be, I cannot with you ride, W:For I have hear my children dear, at home I must abide; W:But all my thoughts and many pray'rs shall be the while with thee, W:As thou dost fight Old England's wars in High Germany. W: W:5 W:O cursed are the cruel wars that ever they should rise, W:And out of merry England press many a lad likewise; W:They pressed my Harry from me as all my brothers three, W:And sent them to the cruel wars in High Germany % % % % % % % % % %]


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